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This is a split CD with EBOLIE featuring
8 new Maximum Perversion songs.

Tell him you want the Fuck Ya Ears 
& Drink Ya Beers, split CD.

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Max Perv
MySpace Page

This four piece band embodies extremities in music coupled with deviant interpretations of the macabre and distasteful world in which we live. Cerebrum-pulping guitar and unrelenting tempos are spliced with melodic rock, accompanied by a triple-vocal narration that could be described as ‘death with a smile’...

Delving into topics such as terminal constipation, excised genitals, flashers and people who’d lick the floor of a public toilet, the listener is lead through a twisted maze of mind-bending musical arrangements and excreted in the finale of the band’s repugnant perturbation excursion.

So sit back, indulge in some illicit flesh smoking and prepare to be immersed in the auditory lavatory that is Maximum Perversion.

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We have some real tough t-shirts, long and short sleeve, available. Front design  (shown below) by ultra-artist David Garland, graff pervert/drunkard, and back design homage to Carcass and celebrating ten years of Maximum Perversion.

Get in touch if you'd like one and we can sort something out!


CD: The Goreful Truth (TBA)
Yet to be recorded, full-length album. Can YOU handle the truth?!

CD: Fucked Your Ears and Drank Your Beers (Coming Soon)
Split CD with Sydney band EBOLIE on Grindhead Records featuring 8 new Maximum Perversion tracks.

CD: The Mystical Pyramid EP (2003)*
Tour CD w/2 original tracks, a Seinfeld cover and two live recordings.

CD: Repugnant Perturbation Excursion (2001)
Independently released CD with 9 original tracks of toilet-grind.

CD: Fun With Scum (1999)*
4 demos from the R.P.E. album plus one unreleased song on CD-R.

CAS: (1998)*
5 original songs released
on demo-tape.


CD: Metal For The Brain (2005)
Showcases bands playing at Metal For The Brain. Features the song "Devastational Frost of Rectumnal Winter."

CD: Underearthed2 (2003)
Radio 2RRR promo showcasing unsigned metal acts. Features a re-mixed version of the song "Morbid Tent Wank."

CD: Underearthed (2002)
Radio 2RRR promo showcasing unsigned metal acts. Features the song "John Bobbit (She Chopped It!)."

CD: Metal From The Bottom of the Earth (2001)
Compilation of West Australian metal, featured the song "Fucking Diarrhoea Slut."

* Indicates SOLD OUT

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